Our Values

In Malta, taxies and cab companies do not treat businessmen any different from the 2 million tourists they serve per year. However, should you choose to work in Malta, your expectations will, of course, be very different than if you were to visit Malta simply for a vacation.

Biz Cab aims to offer businessmen the service that they would get all over the world and that they should also get in Malta.

Our values and engagements:

    1. On time (to the pick up point)
      If you request a cab at a specific hour of the day, it is because your time is money and you are trying to optimize your day of work. Therefore, you cannot afford to waste time waiting, which could result in you being late to a meeting, or worse, missing your plane.
      Thanks to our technology and our logistic strategy, Biz Cab will ensure that our cabs will be waiting for you at the precise time that you expect them to be.

    2. A smart fleet
      The Biz Cab fleet is equipped with 3 different types of vehicles that will serve all your needs.
      Internet, magazines and phone chargers are on board so that you can either relax or work.

      The smart Citroen C4 Long Picasso

      Most cars are not suited to become cabs due to limited, uncomfortable backspace.The C4 offers great leg space, comfortable seats, luminosity, as well as extra equipment such as a passenger’s tablet in case you need to work. Moreover, up to seven passengers can be comfortably accommodated should the situation require, with the easy addition of two seats in the car’s trunk.

      The Executive new BMW series 5

      To satisfy an increasing demand of high level businessmen and travellers, Biz Cab is offering the option to ask for the new BMW series 5. If you are looking for class, refinement and comfort, this is the car for you.

      The Citroen Spacetourer minivan

      This van will cover your needs for larger transportation options. This model comfortably seats up to eight people.

    3. A business service
      Our drivers have been selected carefully during the hiring process to ensure that they are experienced and have an extensive knowledge of the island’s roads.
      They have been carefully trained to offer the most exclusive service. With Biz Cab, you will not just get a cab, you will have your own private driver.


    Biz Cab has, for the first time in Malta, created a new and unique private driver service that will allow you to travel smartly and on time.

    Thanks to its highly efficient software, Biz Cab allows you to fully book and follow your cab on the app.

    With Biz Cab, there is no need to:

    • make a phone call to book your cab; simply use our app
    • know your address anymore, since our system will geolocalize you
    • call back to know how close/far the cab is, because you will see your Biz Cab on our interactive map and will be able to track them
    • call back when the taxi is late, because we will not be  late (this is our primary promise)
    • negotiate the price, since the rate is fixed and indicated before you book your cab
    • use cash anymore; simply include your bank card details once and we will take care of the rest
    • advance cash for your company, thanks to our easy to use double account option (individual and corporate).